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Komax Microwave Steamer Cookware | Vegetable Steamer

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Komax microwave steamer is a practical little square heater. Perfect for steaming vegetables, rice, noodles, and other foods in an instant. The steamer has two carrying handles on the side, and a steam hole that must be opened when used inside the microwave. The top craftsmanship of this cookware is nothing short of genius, and worth having in every kitchen.



  • 40-oz three person microwave steamer 
  • Made of BPA-free, hygienic materials
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe
  • Steam vent releasing steam to prevent overflow or burns
  • Made in South Korea



  1. Always open the steam hole on top of the lid before use in a microwave.
  2. Please use gloves when first taking the container out of the microwave.


Set Includes:

ItemVegetable microwave steamer
Qty. 1
Dimension 4.6" x 4" (h) inches
Volume 40 oz



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