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Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher Safe
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High Thermal Resistance

If you're a fan of glass food storage, you'll find Oven Glass absolutely wondrous. Fashioned of top quality materials, Komax glassware are heat-resistant and can go directly from freezer to over to table. They are leak-proof, and free of all toxins.

Oven Safe
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Borosilicate Glass

Komax oven glass containers are made of first-class borosilicate glass. This thick glass can resist heat up to 1100°F and has a thermal shock resistance of 248°F. Suitable for oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher use.

Red Dot Award
BPA-Free Materials

Food Safe

Borosilicate glass is BPA/BPS, EA-free, so it doesn’t impart any flavors or chemicals into your food content. It also has the polypropylene sturdy lids, which are BPA-free and FDA-approved. Using high-grade materials is what makes oven glass uniquely better.

Stackable Design

The four-sided locking lid has a sleek, stackable design. The four tabs seal the containers tightly, while the non-slip cover helps stack the containers firmly. Such lid design enables users to save space and ensure the safety of these glass food containers.

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Thanks to oven glass heat resistant properties, the containers can tolerate temperature changes much better than cheaper glass that cracks or explodes. oven glass thick body can go from freezer to oven or microwave without a single issue. This is guaranteed by the Komax warranty.

Made in South Korea

Komax products has been bringing sweet joy to the hearts of millions of customers for 47 years. Originality, unique concepts and food safety established Komax as a leading pioneer. Join the Komax community, and opt for quality.

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