Care & Use Info

Following product "use & care" instructions covers your product under the Komax warranty period and ensures longevity. Most Komax products are accompanied with specific instructions and preventative measures that can maintain your item function and performance. Including but not limited to:

General use

  • - Wash before first use
  • - Close the lids firmly to ensure hermetic storage
  • - Do not use products for other than the intended use

Microwave use

  • - Remove lids before using the microwave
  • - Do not use Komax products in the oven or on hot surfaces
  • - Avoid overheating food with high fat, oil, sugar, and high color base
  • - Do not reheat in the microwave in longer cycles

Dishwasher use

  • - Avoid abrasive cleaning or scourers
  • - Separate the lid and container when washing
  • - Wash in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • - Only products deemed dishwasher safe

Freezer use

  • - Don't fill the container to its full capacity account for expansion
  • - After freezing, leave the container in room temperature before opening
  • - Don't freeze carbonated liquids that may explode
  • - Only products deemed freezer safe


Your Komax product will usually arrive with specific use & care instructions. However, if you have a concern that wasn't addressed by our policy, please contact Komax customer service team, and we'll be happy to assist you.


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